Making wordpress events with wp-agenda

Well, this post is a tutorial to how use a plugin that I developed for a events calendar in a Brazilian government website called Funarte, a full wordpress news portal. The wordpress agenda plugin can be found in my Github, and in the wordpress plugin directory.

I will show a real world example to use the wp-agenda plugin to easy build a agenda for a band. I will book a show for 15 june and will show all the steps to use the plugin correctly.


The easy way to install a wordpress plugin is install directly in the Plugins section > add new. Depending of your wordpress instalation (I use dreamhost that is very flexible to install plugin and themes directly from the admin panel). Just search for wp-agenda and click install now.

Now you can activate and you see a new item in your wordpress admin menu

Wordpress wp-agenda instalation



Agenda in admin menu

Once installed, the wordpress agenda appear in the menu

Thank god to the new wordpress api, that now it’s possible to have custom post type, and it is exactly what happen, now you have a post type event, that you can manage as a post, but you can deal with it as event type with his own specialities.

Now you can create a new event:


A new way to create events in wordpress

You can create event as you usually create post

Well, that’s right, it’s the same page to create a new post, but you are creating a new event. When you scroll down you will see that you can enter with event information about date, hour and location:

How you can specify events data

When you scroll down the post you will see new fields to edit event details

The agenda template

You need to create a template to the calendar. For this, you create a file called agenda.php in your template and use a

Now, just go to the url of  your blog with a query string, like and you can have a events calendar.

This is how a agenda template looks like:

<?php get_header(); ?>
<!--  main content -->
<div class="main-content grid_16">
  <div class="grid_12">
	<div id="wp-agenda-calendar"></div>
<?php get_footer(); ?>
In the div with id wp-agenda-calendar will be inserted the whole calendar fullfilled with events inserted by admin panel.

And then you see a calendar like this:

A calendar view

This is another example the calendar view with a event

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