Alexandre Magno Teles Zimerer

Born on 6th October, 1982
Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark


I’ve been a web developer for more than 10 years. During my career, I’ve been responsible for building awesome digital products together with great team members – from startups and companies at earlier stages, to big companies that lead the market like I’m currently working at Danske Bank in Copenhagen, as Senior Software Engineer, making part of one of the biggest fintech companies in scandinavia. I’m an experienced full stack developer with a strong foundation in front-end, which I learned while the Javascript language conquered the world. My career has been built of learnings from different projects and this way I’ve acquired experience with the most used programming languages such as Javascript and their main frameworks, like React.js, React Native and Angular.js, as well as backend languages like Node.js, Ruby, Java, Python and PHP. This flexibility creates an opportunity to contribute with a variety of open source projects and cross team initiatives. I love sharing my learnings with the community on my blog ( and I published the Mobile First Bootstrap book by Packt Publishing in December 2013. I’ve participated as speaker in technology conferences such as Qcon (Worldwide) and FISL (International Open Source Foundation). I usually talk about web, mobile, test driven design, performance and user experience. I used to work part time in personal startup projects in order to learn how to launch digital products iteratively in a real setting. Beyond the limits of the web, I like to explore the internet of things, programing with Arduino and microcontrollers. I would like to work in an open environment, a place that embraces continuous delivery and collaboration, that can impact the society with technology.


Senior Software Engineer, Danske Bank; Copenhagen, Denmark — Aug – 2018 (Current Job)
Working as Senior Software Engineer focused on front-end to build the digital mobile banking, for a leading bank in Europe, which is responsible to support the Fintech industry in Scandinavia. I’ve been working on innovation to concept new products and strategy for the future of banking, and supporting the Mobile Bank 3.0 platform with Open Banking and account aggregation.

Full Stack Engineer, Trustpilot; Copenhagen, Denmark — Jan 2018 – Jun 2018
Working as a full stack engineer on Trustboxes teams, responsible for all business integrations on the costumer website, reaching around 2 billions users. Currently working with with React on the business platform and Node.js on the backend, developing the dozens of integrations with vanilla javascript focused on performance.

Software Engineer, Tradeshift; Copenhagen, Denmark — 2016 – 2017
Working as a Software Engineer with a strong foundation in Front-end and the Node.js side of power, integrated with the Java API’s of the Tradeshift Platform. The company serves half a million of invoices and offers a flexible solution based in extending apps, which use Javascript with Angular and React in a complete business platform. I worked in documents UI and Tradeshift apps to offer services between buyers, sellers and suppliers. I had an innovating initiative in a notorious global hackathon with a Ada project, that introduces the company on AI paradigm for customer service procurement.

Software Engineer,; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 2009 – 2016 (7 years)
I developed large scale projects for CMS and publishing news, incorporating hundreds of TV Globo products. Globo is one of the leading TV channels in the world. I worked there as a front-end specialist and a reference for Javascript high end solutions and testings, not just inside the company, but also taking successful cases as presentations in important open source conferences about Javascript, web and mobile and there I had opportunity to work with different technologies and stacks with Python, Ruby and Node.js and concepts like style guides and mobile first.


  • Mobile First Bootstrap – December 2013 – Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
    ISBN 978-­1-­78328-­579-­2


  • Portuguese (mother tongue)
  • English (advanced)


  • Tech weekend – UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro university) – 01/06/2015 – Speaks about Multiplatform application development
  • Qcon 2015, 03/2015,  – Speaks about Multiplatform application development
  • The developers conference 2014 – 07/2014 and Front in Fortaleza 2014 – Speaks about the perception about perfomance
  • FISL 14, 07/2013 – Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, 2013 – Speaks about Understanding Bootstrap
  • FISL 13, 08/2012 – Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, 2012 – Speaks about Developing jQuery UI plugins and testing with Jasmine
  • CEJS 2013 – Mobile First Javascript


  • System Analyst – Universidade Estácio de Sá — 2011
  • Scrum Certified Scrum master – Team Ware – 2010


  • Advanced knowledge in Javascript and its frameworks like React, Angular.js, Coffee Script as well as web tools and front-end ops like Gulp and Webpack and testing with Mocha, Jasmine and Jest, and front-end Ops, dealing with the most modern stacks from Heroku to Amazon or even Google Cloud;
  • Taking Javascript to the next level with Node.js using frameworks like Express and changing the JS paradigm with ES5 and 6, as well Babel and Webpack to build the high end user experience and SPA;
  • Getting into mobile development with React Native, as well as basic knowledge on Android Development;
  • Experienced in extreme programming, with extensive experience in setting up continuous integration systems, TDD and BDD, as well as familiarized with the scrum process;
  • Strong knowledge in Ruby on Rails;
  • Experienced with Python;
  • Experience in development and construction and use of API’s;
  • Passionate for developing reusable and scalable UI components and UI Patterns, as well as Material Design and SPA’s;
  • Committed to performance optimization, benchmarking, progressive enhancement, usability and accessibility;
  • Expert in HTML/CSS as well HTML5 and CSS3 (as well LESS and SASS). Experienced in working with browser issues, debugging and cross browser solutions to achieve the best user interface experience, regardless of the device used;
  • Advanced knowledge of responsive design and optimization for mobile devices and mobile first;
  • Standard knowledge of relational databases (MySQL and Postgres) and non-relational databases (MongoDB);
  • Comfortable working in a Unix/Linux Environment (I’m a mac user);
  • Familiar with version control systems, like Git, mastering the conecpts about branch, rebase and reflog, and I like to teach about the Git Workflow for git newbies.
  • I’m capable to setup a Continuous Integration System and docker containers
  • Working with Arduino, microcontrollers for IoT projects, starting with Lua and MicroPython, just for fun

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