Einstein change our vision about the universe with a complete theory about the relativity of the time
Einstein change our vision about the universe with a complete theory about the relativity of the time

Einstein change our vision about the universe, time and space. Mental experiments (as the twin paradox), mathematic theories and the great event of general relativity proved with the solar eclipse of 1919 that the time and space are relatives to a reference system, and not absolute as Newton described. Besides that, the light has a constant velocity and for this reason the time and space are variables, in counterpart the way we think before about time.

But was is this about?

My life remains the same after this great discovery? This not change my life at all, and my beliefs about the universe, right? No!!! This changes a lot! We know that to feel the relativity effects we need to have an acceleration beyond normal, so it’s hard to measure the effects of the changing time. We need a very meaningful acceleration to feel actually the effects of dilated time.

But we can feel a lot of consequences about the relativity and it’s subtle changes that affects our perception about reality that can be applied in the biologic evolution.

We don’t need to understand deeply all the complexity of this theory and how this affects our reality, but we need to understand the basic part: time is relative!

But what this means?

We are all part of a relative reference systems immersed in a gravitacional field. We are not just part of it, but each of us, living organisms and matter has our own reference system frame and the time counts differently for each of us that are affected by velocity changes. There’s a different acceleration for each of us. We don’t see this apparently, because we all together being affected by the earth gravity that we are included, that is 9.8 meters per second.

Our reference system affect directly our brains. As the evolution of our consciousness emerges, we create abstractly a inner time, usually called I-time. We have the perception about time in our different inner feelings about the world outside, that sometimes it may differ from the universal time.

Accordingly with Richard M. Pico, in Consciousness in four dimensions, the gravity is related with matter and the life and consciousness are relative dimensions mainly raised from biological processes. And I will talk better about his theory and how the relativity is applied in living organism and consciousness.

Consciência em quatro dimensões é um livro de Richard M. Pico que aplica a teoria da relatividade nos processos biológicos. Foto: Alexandre Magno — Copenhagen, 2016
Consciousness in four dimensions is a book from Richard M. Pico that talk about relativity in biological systems. It’s a great book to go deeper in the concepts of relativity in biological system and increase our understanding about origin of thoughts. Picture: Alexandre Magno – Copenhagen 2016

Reviewing the concepts

Nicolau Copèrnic, one of the first scientists that start to talk about the planets orbit, tried out to understand the universe dynamics, and he was still limited with the catholic vision that considers the earth as the center of the universe, but he goes further and prove that the earth is not the center of the universe.

Later, Newton start his principles about force and gravity. His observations about the math of the planet orbits strongly matches the nature about the gravity force and planet orbit rules.

The idea of gravity as a force from every matter was based on the instantly impact in objects from very distant points. Based on this theory, the earth, for example, would know how the gravity force will act in other objects. There was a inconsistency with this theory and Einstein “documented” this phenomena very well. In Einstein vision, the gravity is not a instantly force, but a power field that changes the space-time shape.

Nicolau Copernico, one of the first scientists to describe the planet orbits. Picture by: Alexandre Magno, Museu Thorvaldsen, Novembro de 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

The relative time scale are only felt related with other reference system in space-time. The length decreases in same acceleration vector. There’s no change inside the moving system, because all subsystem inside the system in movement are on the same reference.
As the acceleration increases, the time tick, as the biological processes starts to take longer and the time goes slowly for whose are part of this system and are being changed by the accelerated system.  There’s worth to mention that time is slower related by other reference. We always has to consider the time difference between two references. This is what the relativity is a priori. The acceleration dilates the time, affecting the biological system, chemical reactions and is possible that the human brain are affected and consequently how our thoughts are generated.

We don’t see gravity as a force anymore in this new perspective, now we can consider the gravity a field, a property in the four dimensional inner systems in movement. The gravity is a field of the matter, the life is a field for living organisms, and human beings are a field for the consciousness.

Relativity on the living organisms

The earth generates a deformation in space-time because of it’s great mass. All the components inside (including us) are responsible for it’s total mass and has the same acceleration rate. That’s why two objects, a feather and a heavy ice will falls down together in the floor.

The deformation of the gravitational field that affects the space-time. Picture by: Pinterest: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/374291419011850714/

The gravitational field and the deformation of space-time demands the limits of the metabolic processes, celular division, or even the neuro metabolism as well the accurance of our thoughts. We think exactly this way because of this variables as it is right now.

The information entropy of the order patterns of the living organisms derives from space-time coordinates.

The information are dynamic and each time dictates the energy formed in the local reference. The organization patterns say how the next behavior will occur and how the energy and matter will happen in a moving system. The living world exist inside this context that it was formed between the local reference and the current reference, that will dictates about the next second of all the living organisms. A new reference system emerged from the complexity increasing in the metabolic processes that it was generated of a individual life in multi celular systems. This new system is the consciousness.

The relativity that emerges from the human being because of our neural capacity gave us a big evolutive advantage: we record in our brains sensorial information that allow us to know all life processes. We can record a “picture” about every second in four dimensions, x axis, y axis, z axis and the time in scale of milliseconds. But besides that, our mind store more information in dimensions unknown and intangible for us in the real world about any reference.

Relativity and our brains

In the relativity frame inside our consciousness, we can note that thoughts are generated by internal and external sources of energy and matter. This are the more complex computational patterns of the universe. Our lobal front, that we got with the evolution has an elaborated synthesis, that’s make us becomes smarter that primates. This power allow us to translate all complexes interactions forms between our senses to propagate thoughts and storage unique memories propagates in time frame.

We need a healthy brain to produce our internal frame of reference in space-time frame. We can see the Hellen Keller, that demonstrate all the consciousness of her world, that even with
deafness and unvoiced factors before complete two years old. This case demonstrate how our senses, because of some trauma, not avoid our thoughts to be generated or make us feel the effects of time and the relativity that emerges from each consciousness, even without any sensorial tools.

Our brain is a reference system for our consciousness, that produce information in four dimensional field that propagates in temporal frame.

Relativity in the human beings: we are stuck in four dimensions

If we focus our intentions to go beyond our space-time, change the past, travel to the future with the possibilites of the relativity, we discover our limitation about reach the light speed.

The reference system of consciousness, as life, do not produce a new force pushing our behaviors. There’s no vital force or mental force. Our perceptions, feelings will be generated by the mental reference, that is able to go back in the past time that it can confuses us with the present.

We live a internal and external world in a four dimensions space in a private reference frame, that succeeds I-time with sensorial perceptions that lead us to a subjective existence, feeling by ourselves.

Although individual, I believe that our thoughts it would change the thinking flow of other people related, depending of the thought interactions. Netherless, in counterpart of force applied in matter, the psychic force can’t be measured, because this forces are out of observation limits.

For this reason our thoughts lead us to a feeling that the good attracts the good, and the happiness of a community comes from collective positinevss. This explain a lot of abstract concepts, as well the woman sixth sense. There’s no magic in this. The thought using the relativity as foundation can explain a lot of phonemes that is not physical. Why not? If the planet acts with a invisible force (gravitational field) about the other objects with small masse, why the consciousness would not be the foundation that generates the thought that it can deform the space time of other reference systems with greater or less impact, depending of the consciousness field?

We are producing some internal illusion in time, that is related with the information of the system that we are analyzing? The relativity principles can confuse our head! Well, this is already complicated when we talk about matter, imagine about a so abstract field: the mental field. I will talk more about the illusions of our mind and try to go deeper, based on Richard Pico thoughts about biological relativity.


It’s not possible talk about the thoughts generation without mention our childhood, because is where the thoughts begins. We born with a full mind? Definitely not!

Concepts like animism, centrism, anthropomorphism and cause-effect are relations that defines our illusion of our existence inside our thoughts and it’s where all our thoughts related begin. Every child discover the world and invents their own rules as the time pass. Illusions and mistakes about information are recurrent in the childhood progression and refinement of our vision about the world, until we get maturity of our learning and consciousness about thinking. Until two years old, we are still creating our base thoughts and a lot of researches (as the Piaget researches about the infant ages) shows that in this period the child has a primate brain. When the child reaches the terrible twos, he creates his own reference system and start to say no to their parents. The child do not know yet about how powerful a thought can be and that he are forming the self.

A new unique reference system

One individual truth is another’s illusion Richard M. Pico


As Pico said, a individual truth is another’s illusion. Every reference system of a human being is a reference field relative to other living system, and for this reason we can’t predict fully the other thoughts. Even if we agree with the same opinion (as about the shape of a apple), a abstract image of a experience is always unique. We live in a unique reference system frame, shared in a same system where the gravity is applied on matter, the metabolism act in living organisms and the thoughts acts on brain, and they are separate in different reference systems, and because of that, the life is not able of being consciousness and neither the consciousness can be other thing beyond it.

We not choose to breath, and neither keep the circulatory system in our imagined frequency. The world of the vital functions of the organism is not a reference from consciousness. The vital functions are not object of our free will. All of this are part of the reference system where the metabolism of a living organism reigns.

The Einstein universe and the limits of thought

The complexity of the universe is so amazing that we can only see the shadow of his effects. With the relativity, Einstein talk about black holes and gravitational waves. We start to imagine the limit of the universe to a only constant c.

When we reach the speed c, our mass becomes infinite, our length in direction of the acceleration will be zero, and the time rate between each biological processes will become infinite. Imagining this as a mental experiment, we can think about that.

What we can conclude about all of this is that relativity reach the universe barriers and we live in a reference frame where we are unable to reach other dimensions and just see the effects indirectly where we are immersed.

We can’t see our perspective from our perspective. We are always reaching the recurrence and it’s common that it appears in all way when the human being try to communicate: language, art and computing, as is possible to see in the Epimenides paradox

We can thing about our existence in four dimensions where we were created, and any device that we invent will reach a thermodynamic barrier in something that will collapse in a way that we can integrate in our limited neural process in frontal lobe. We will translate everything that reach us in our known four dimensions.

Carl Sagan explain this so well in this video. If our existence was based in two dimensions, what came from a third dimension would be something “out of this world”.

Our thermodynamic barrier is maybe the reason from our duality, the historical nature about the separation about human and body. When we reach the limits about the thoughts and body, we have the intuition and feeling that the mind are “out”. This happen for some reason.

With the relativity, the perspective about our world in a unique reference system in four dimensions, it’s hard to stipulate a correct definition about consciousness and thoughts, because we don’t have other reference system to “watch”, as we have the vision about the life biological processes that are known by human beings.

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in space and time. he experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling, as something separated from the rests – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a new person nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison buy widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but to striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.
Albert Einstein

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